So, you're interested in being a presenter at Limmud FSU West Coast taking place on November 17-19, 2017 in the San Francisco Bay area?
Please tell us about yourself and your session.
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What's your first name? *

Thanks for that, {{answer_25222828}}. What's your last name? *

What is your phone number?

How did you hear about Limmud FSU? Did someone specific refer you to the organization or invite you to be a speaker? *

If you are nominating yourself to be a presenter, the committee will review your application in full and get back to you. Please note that there is a limit on the total number of speakers and we are targeting a specific mix of topics. Thanks so much for your submission!!
{{answer_25222828}}, will you please provide a short biography of yourself? *

If you are confirmed as a speaker, we will use this bio within our marketing materials. You can definitely make changes to it later if you have any updates. Thanks!
Will you please provide a short title for yourself that we can use to describe you in our program?

Examples: Politician, historian, entrepreneur, rabbi, educator, artist, entertainer, etc...
Please provide a lecture topic and a short description. *

If you would like to potentially provide another lecture on a different topic, please provide another lecture topic and short description.

Do you require anything for your presentation, such as equipment, specific room setup, etc.?

If necessary, we will be able to accommodate your technology request (computers, projectors, mics, and other equipment). However, if you are presenting during Shabbat, we encourage you to refrain from using technology unless its imperative for the success of your session. We are happy to assist in passing out handouts or other material to participants during your session.
Will you be staying the entire Limmud FSU weekend? *

All speakers are invited to sign up and participate for the entire conference (registration info to be provided closer to conference). If you are just available to provide a lecture, we also greatly appreciate your support and are excited that you are joining us! Please complete this form and we will be in touch with you soon.

On what days would you prefer to present?

We will absolutely try our best to accommodate all presenters. If you're not sure yet which day is best, don't worry about it! Don't select any yet! We can handle these details as we get closer to the conference.

And which times work best for you?

We will absolutely try our best to accommodate all presenters. If you're not sure yet on the timing, don't worry about it! We can handle these details as we get closer to the conference.

Do you observe Shabbat? *

We will 100% accommodate all of your needs if you observe Shabbat. All food will be kosher and Shabbat services will be available to those that would like to participate. Our conference will be fully accommodating to all levels of observance.

What language would you prefer to speak during your presentation? *

During the conference, the majority of lectures are in English but in every time slot, we will have at least one or two lectures in Russian. Please let us know what your preference is for your presentation.

If you have any additional information or videos that you would like for us to review, please let us know in the comments below. Thank you!

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